What was the first Christian album that you bought or were given?

I’m not totally sure but I think it was Crumbacher Duke. Not sure if that is the right spelling and I think I was in 8th grade…and it was a tape.


What was the most influential person in your life during your High School years?

My sunday school teacher Mrs. Patt Luce. She moved up with us from 9th through 11th grade I think because we were so horrible. I think she was determined to break through to at least one of us before we got out of high school. She wore her heart on her sleeve and told it like it was for three years. She always told us she was proud of us, and made it seem like this “Christian stuff” was for real (insert winking emoticon here.)


How hard is it to manage your life on the road vs. your life at home?

Life at home is a little slower and a little easier. The thing I dislike the most about traveling is packing, unpacking, and repacking for 2 kids. All the diapers and food and toys… Good grief! They have twice as much stuff as we do and they’re less than half our size! But we joyfully do what we are called to do. And just like anything else that’s worth doing, it takes effort.


What is the funniest thing that has happened you while on the road with Casting Crowns?

I don’t know if it’s the funniest thing, but one good memory of traveling was when we went on the Steven Curtis Chapman tour. One of our days off was in San Francisco, so our production manager, Darren Hughes, says, “Why don’t we walk up to the Golden Gate Bridge.” We could all see it from where the bus dropped us off. He said it couldn’t be more than a couple of miles. Well, 6 or 7 miles later, we all hated him and caught a bus back to the pick up point (I think at his expense). I don’t think he will ever live it down, and whenever he suggests something that involves walking we all yell, “NOOOOO!!!”


Who is your favorite super hero?

Wonder Woman, of course. I think it’s the jewelry. I have wonder woman art, comics (I’d love to have the first 10 but I have No.33 and 113), action figures, statue, lunch boxes, backpack… you name it. I don’t have a ton of her yet, but I’m working on it. I also like Bumblebee a lot from Transformers (yes even the original bug); Juan got me the one that transforms into the Camaro for Christmas a couple of years ago.


Who is your current favorite musical artist/group? Why?

I really like Tenth Avenue North. Great melodies, great lyrics, great boys.


What is a largely unknown skill that one of the other Crowns member that should be shared with everyone?

Megan plays the Bassoon… very well. I’m just sad we don’t have any bassoon solos in our songs.


What is the best advice someone has given you about working with youth groups?

Be transparent. If they know you struggle or have struggled with the same things, they will more than likely listen to what you have to say to them. But make sure your advice has some scripture to back it up.


Who do you enjoy following on Twitter?

My husband (@6stringHero)! He is the funniest man alive!


If you weren’t in Casting Crowns, what would you be doing now?

I would be living in a clean house, with clean children, cooking good food, making fun artsy things, taking my Russian lessons, probably teaching violin, and doing boring chores that would make me utterly happy… oh and, of course, going to every youth group thing and singing and playing at church!