What was the first Christian album that you bought or were given?

I inherited [a nice word for “stole”] the Amy Grant “Age to Age” album when I was really little. I used to dance around to “Fat Baby”-it was my favorite!


What was the most influential person in your life during your High School years?

David Mann was my high school band teacher and a very godly man. I played bassoon and was the drum major in the marching band, so I was always in the “bandroom”. I remember being in his office and doing Bible quizzes with him on his computer. Mr. Mann really showed me how to love music and Jesus at the same time.


How hard is it to manage your life on the road vs. your life at home?

Well, it can be pretty challenging at times. It seems when I get home, I have just enough time to take my clothes out of my suitcase, throw them in the wash, them fold them and put them right back in my suitcase! But, luckily, I have a pretty clean-conscious husband. He does a good job at keeping the house in order while I’m gone, so I don’t have a ton to do when I get home!


What is the funniest thing that has happened you while on the road with Casting Crowns?

Hmmm…I almost fell off the back of a 6 foot stage in the early years. I felt myself falling backwards, so I panicked and started flailing my arms around and screaming in the middle of a song. Luckily, I just looked like a crazy person and didn’t actually fall off the stage!


Who is your favorite super hero?

You know, I’ve never really been into the super hero thing, but if I had to choose, it’d be Batman. He’s just a really cool, smart, normal dude who does some pretty incredible things.


Who is your current favorite musical artist/group? Why?

Watermark has always been my favorite group. Christy Nockels has an amazing voice and gift at leading worship. And I love the husband/wife duo thing.


What is a largely unknown skill that one of the other Crowns member that should be shared with everyone?

Well, Melanie (Mark’s wife) ALWAYS has lipstick on. She has them stuck in every pocket, drawer, folder, sleeve, etc… And she likes to make sure I have it on too :o)


What is the best advice someone has given you about working with youth groups?

My husband says to never waste the opportunity to challenge and encourage kids in their faith. Kids are lied to everyday at school, then at home through the tv, internet, and sadly, sometimes parents. When I am around my students, I show them Jesus. I might be the only one who is pouring into them and helping them grow in their faith.


Who do you enjoy following on Twitter?

I really enjoy following Mandisa. She is a really sweet, honest, and sensitive person.


If you weren’t in Casting Crowns, what would you be doing now?

I would be doing exactly the same thing I am now. My husband is a youth pastor, so I’d still be neck-deep in ministry, but only home on the weekends!