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  1. Hello Mark;
    My name is Shane Sprinkle and I am a huge fan of Casting Crowns. My family and I used to listen to music such as Nickelback and other groups like that. Ever since we came to the concert in Tuscaloosa, Al., we have started to listen to Christian music a lot more. You guys are one of our favorite groups. I tear up just hearing my four year old children singing praises to Jesus with your music. You guys are awesome.
    The reason that I am writing you this email is to humbly ask for some help. Our kids attend West Alabama Christian School, located in Demopolis, Alabama. You guys actually came here to sing at the church where the school is. That church is Fairhaven Baptist Church. Anyways, West Alabama Christian School is in the process of putting together a silent auction fundraiser in September 2016. You may ask, How can we help? Well I was hoping that you could help out by having the group possibly sign a guitar and autograph some cd’s for the auction. All proceeds would go to the school and the cause to receive an education built on Christian morals. These kids have a hunger for God and to serve the Lord. When my kids come home learning their Bible verses, I know that they are at the right School. Please help us out by doing this. It would greatly be appreciated.

    Love In Christ,
    Shane Sprinkle

  2. Mark,
    I want to thank you for your testimony and music.

    I Heard your song “Just Be Held” at a concert in March of 2015 and it has been a comfort ever since. Back in February of 2016 while our Pastor was away I was given the opportunity to give the Sunday night message at our church and I sang and shared about the songs “Just Be Held” and “Praise You in the Storm” as well as your testimony of facing kidney cancer. I was not aware that I was talking to myself until my diagnoses about 2 months later.

    In early April I was diagnosed with a potential cancerous growth on my right kidney and will be seeing a surgeon in May for treatment and removal.

    Your testimony has given me strength and faith as I know you have faced a similar situation.

    We have a great God that works in mysterious ways.

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